Learning Journal ~ Postal Museum

Homeschool isn't officially in session yet, but this year we are going to document our more organic learning experiences here on the blog.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me today and didn't even think about the fact that my phone has a camera.

Today we:

Explored the postal museum and noted that the clerks had more protection/separation from the public in the past, but that it made it harder to handle packages.  We also saw the postmaster's desk, talked about old phones, and looked at how the mail carrier caps have changed over the years.  The boys gently touched the antique scale and old hand-cranked cancellation machine and we talked about what stamp cancellation is.  It would be great to set up a tour at a modern facility. (History)

Went to the public library and chose new books.  (Reading)

Boiled potatoes for shepherd's pie and discussed the boiling point of water, what boiling looks like, why water boils, and how starch in water changes boiling.  (Science)

Played Risk.  (Geography, Math, social skills)


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