Grade 4, Winter Term, Long Division Block Week 1 ~ Bringing It Together

Today we took what we learned in measurement and combined it with long multiplication to figure the area of a rectangle. Not just random rectangles, however ~ we used our house and the rooms in it and then the boys designed their own houses on grid paper and figured the area there as well. They had so much fun with it! Of course, each boy made a huge bedroom for himself and an itty bitty one for his brother, which is funny as they share a room. T-Guy gave himself a bathroom but said that J-Baby had to go outside, and he gave me my own bathroom as well (I have my very own half-bathroom in our house that I don't have to share with anyone).

The week was so successful. Morning chores were accomplished with a minimum of fuss. The bedroom was easy to keep clean. The boys were engage in what we were doing and they also very much enjoyed their assigned reading of James Harriot's Treasury For Children. Indeed, assigned reading is something that I wasn't sure I would stick with but it is a great way to bring new (never read before) books and new sub-genres of books to the boys. We've been keeping up with the Oak Meadow G4 reading materials so we can still do activities with our OM4 friends (not that we have, but we can, LOL).


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