Getting back in gear...

So I planned like crazy last weekand today we moved right back into rhythm. I need to document it so I can refer back to what worked and what didn't.

After a week of waking at least 30 minutes before the boys, today I "slept in" and got up with only enough time to dress before it was time to wake them. Throughout the morning I was really wishing I'd had time to greet the day slowly.

Singing to wake the boys works well. Boy #2 smiles as soon as I start. They are getting used to me being out of bed and just giving hugs vs. spending a lot of time in bed snuggling.

Deciding to make breakfast and not offer choices worked well. But I realized making smoothies for DH and I takes more time than I had planned on. We sang a new blessing and lit the candles, which we have previously only done at night.

I guided Boy #2 to his room and helped him dress - no words, just doing it. Then we made the bed and brushed their teeth. At this point I settled them in with clay while I brushed my teeth, put my hair in a ponytail, and did some chores. I made the bed, sorted and started laundry, started some quinoa in the rice cooker and garbanzo beans in the pressure cooker, made out a deposit...I'm not sure what else.

We quickly cleaned up (a bit of protest) and headed out for a walk. While I plan to add a few SI activities to our movement, I couldn't get it all planned in time, so this week we are "holding the space". DH is going to help me put our song/fingerplay CDs on iTunes so I can burn a CD for the current circle and not have to skip aound. Anyway, we walked to the credit union and back (they weren't open yet, we had to use the ATM). When we got home we cut our first roses of spring (exciting) and put them in a vase. Then we had a snack of cut fruit.

Next up was our "main lesson". We read our story (The Laziest Man), then a library book (The Hero and the Minotaur). Since we just got restarted this week we were mostly "holding the space."

At this point we moved into creative play. The boys built a train track; they squabbled a bit but I only intervened once (fight was over motorized trains - I might take them away for awhile). I stayed in the living room reading Enki, listening to their interaction. After 45 minutes they moved outside. (At this point I wondered if I should interrupt them to clean the room, but decided to let them go.)

While they were outside I moved to the office and updated Quicken while listening to them play (right outside the window). They mostly played basketball. They came in while I was finishing up. I went to gather them by singing our clean up song. Boy #2 was highly resistant, as he had returned to his clay and did not want to change activities, especially to clean up which he hates. I took him by the hand and guided him to his room, still singing. He sat on his couch (futon bed) and melted down the entire time Boy #1 and I picked up the track, singing.

Next up was lunch. That went well, although they squabbled about setting the table. DH was late and his energy changed the balance when he got home. Boy #2 played Trouble while DH and I ate (they always eat before me because we eat different things and I make them a hot lunch almost daily). While I cleaned the kitchen I suggested that DH take them outside for 15 minutes of shooting baskets before quiet time.

Quiet time: they did fine with this. They listened to The House at Pooh Corner. I read a magazine for 30 minutes, then used the remaining half hour to make a quinoa salad for tonight's dinner. I chatted with my dad for a few minutes while I chopped onions; he was very excited that someone had given him a forklift. I decided not to tell the boys so they will be surprised next time they are at his house.

After quiet time we picked up again, as Boy #1 had built Legos while listening to the story. Then we made popcorn for their snack. (I bagged the extra popcorn for a snack tomorrow at The Living Desert.)

Time for the secondary lesson. We're moving into handwork again. We read Pelle's New Suit (about processing wool), as well as an April poem by Elsa Beskow, and then The Rainbabies (they been asking for a few days). We have more planned Wednesday, once again we were mostly "holding the space".

Time for more play. They separated for a bit, with Boy #1 building and Boy #2 playing outside in the dirt. I did more laundry, then headed back to sort and file paperwork. They ended up in the office with me (It needs another name! It's our office, but also our school room, craft room, etc.), so I suggested they draw in their journals while I worked.

Next I set up a "settling in" activity, listening to music in the living room, while I made their pasta. (Note - I will have to choose the music ahead of time, because they can't decide and can't agree.) This would also be an excellent time for clay, or simple watercolor painting.

DH came home and we ate an early dinner. Then he loaded them into the truck for BMX practice. I spent almost an hour (!) making GF zucchini bread and cleaning up the mess. I hope it turns out well, because it's time consuming and expensive.

Now journalling...then a bit of a rest before they get home.


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