Things I Am Loving Right Now

Peonies ... no explanation needed.

My 18 year old son playing guitar and singing while we hang out in the living room.

The prolific explosion of jacaranda tree blossoms every May, although I suppose that the fact that I don't actually have one (and don't have to deal with the mess they make) enhances my enjoyment of this special So Cal season (yes, I call it jacaranda season).

Nature walks with friends who are perfectly happy to stop when the kids want to, because playing in water is beyond fun. Hopefully my broken toe will be healed up enough next time so I can get my feet wet too.

How much my older German Shepherd loves being in nature, and all of the funny things he does. Why was he digging in the creek while snapping at the water? I don't know, but he was enjoying it.

Dogs in trees.

Putting away the fire screen and sweeping out the fireplace for the summer.

The simple task of making milk kefir, caring for the grains and watching them multiply.

How the promise of my daily kefir smoothie encourages me to get out of my comfy bed in the morning.

Moving the armoire back into the dining room, and how much more I like to look at it than the bookcase I'd put there last year.

Blackboards and white chalk.

Lingering light in the evenings, and knowing that we've not yet reached zenith.

Making plans for a bedroom makeover, college edition.


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