Sick Days ... Sweet Dogs ... Strange Vibrations

Yesterday was a sick day, today will be too. The boys aren't thrilled to be missing park day, especially as they know that most of the moms don't mind sick children attending. But I do mind; I think people who are ill should stay home and recuperate, more to care for themselves than to prevent the spread of germs to others (although that is good as well). Since my boys don't have the instinct to slow down and care for themselves I must care for them, and that includes keeping them home. Heck, I had Papa stay home yesterday, finally convincing him that taking time to rest on the first day he is ill will go a long way to shortening his illness.

I was just sitting here and realized that my house and body are vibrating to this odd low hum. I suppose it is the construction going on at the church down the street. When asked what my husband thought the church might be building he responded "bomb shelter" without skipping a beat. We're actually guessing a basement for their new building, but it could be a bomb shelter.

Puppy Girl likes to turn her paw out when she sleeps. Sometimes it is especially cute as she will rest her head on her paw. Other times it just looks like it might hurt. Both dogs sleep a lot; that is part of their low energy charm. Big Dog is a dreamer, often running and barking in his sleep; he's probably keeping us safe even during his naps. They take turns on door duty now; there is almost always a dog blocking the front door.


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