Summer ~ Learning Without Schooling

Ah, the lazy days of summer are nearly upon us.  Now that I am a homeschooling parent I look forward to summer just as much as I did as a child.  It's not because homeschooling is hard or because we don't like what we're doing; we love homeschooling!  Rather, it's the opportunity to spend a few months with a slowed-down rhythm (even slower than during the homeschooling year) seeking deep relaxation and connection.

For three months or so I am their mama and not also their teacher; they are my boys and not also my students.  I can fully put aside all the worry that I try not to have during the academic year (but fail at erasing completely).  We fall into a different rhythm, one based around going to the pool daily, the weekly kids' movie, play dates, beach trips, and more.

Of course, I don't believe that children are ever not learning.  I don't think my summers off from school were wasted nor that I experienced any kind of brain drain.

My hunch is that kids who have grown up loving to learn and doing it in a natural and holistic manner can't help but learn over the summer; learning is that humans do!


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