I suppose some people spend the last week of the year coming up with resolutions and goals, but I hate resolutions!  Goals are okay, but I've learned not to make too many of them.

And now it is New Year's Eve, and all the planning I can do has been done.  For the next couple of hours we'll simply be together, and dream a little, and then fall asleep with the prospect of an entire new year in front of us, unsullied and full of potential, and as always we'll enter into it hoping that it is a year of happiness and plenty.


FionaCat said…
The only resolution I have is to be more organized in 2011. Just reading your post inspires me to get my act together! I am fairly well organized at work, but things seem to fall apart at home for some reason. I would like to clear out some clutter, set up a filing system that actually works for me and work on budgeting my paycheck better. It feels overwhelming to look at the big picture, but as I learned from my weight loss journey, small steps lead to big results and setbacks can be overcome. I know the year ahead will have challenges at work, as the state budget situation looms ever more threateningly over the district, but I choose not to dwell on what might be and to focus on what is happening now. Here's wishing us both success with our plans for the new year!
Mother Theresa said…
Wow, you're organized! I am to a point, but Spain is the land of improvisation, so many times we make plans on the fly, but at least we do have the structure of school and after school activities to keep us in line. For the new year, I have no resolutions, I find I end up actually doing more positive things if I don't make any promises because that way I don't see it as an obligation. But I do like to try to do some extra uncluttering and cleaning. Good luck with your plans...I'm pretty sure you'll do well.

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