More Metlox!

A few weeks ago I found this Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Grape teapot, which I blogged about over at The Thrift Collective.  I've only recently begun collecting Californian pottery in earnest and it is something I will only thrift for.

Yesterday I found an entire lot of the same pattern at my local Goodwill!  I grabbed it because it had the matching tea cups, creamer, and sugar, but there were some other pieces as well.

Here is the teapot in the china cabinet with the sugar bowl, creamer and a platter.

One of the tea cups (each had a saucer).

A stack of the other pieces.  There are seven bowls, seven luncheon/dessert plates, and four dinner plates.  The dinner plates have newer marks and two of them are pretty beat up.  I'm thinking they were added later or perhaps came in at the same time but from a different donor.

The pieces in the lot were pretty sad looking when I brought them home, but a date with some Barkeeper's Friend and a basin of hot soapy water (plus elbow grease) did wonders.  The outside of the bowls were nearly grey and now they look lovely.  I can hardly believe that I have gotten started collecting this pattern for so little; the teapot was $5 and the lot of everything else was $20.  Now I want to have a tea party!


FionaCat said…
What a lovely pattern! I have a soft spot for pottery and ceramics, even though I don't have room to collect any. What little I know comes from infrequent viewings of "Antiques Roadshow" and what I've picked up from some friends who collect a little Wedgwood ;)
I'm running out of room, Julie! It's like one of those sliding puzzles; I have to move things around to try to get it all to fit. To get these in the china cabinet I had to move Pyrex to the kitchen bookcase, which meant moving cookbooks to the pantry, etc.
These are lovely! Great find.

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