Waiting For Sunlight

I want to post all of the fun things we found this weekend, but so far today we have clouds and grey!  That doesn't make for very good photos, and right now I am still stuck with the camera phone.  Instead I will post some of my thrifted finds from August and September.

It's a 1 1/2 quart 474 round Cinderella casserole and I am pretty sure that it has the wrong lid, because I think it is the color of the Daisy 474.  So I will be keeping my eye out for a lid.

These are sweet little Vera cotton guest towels.  I found them online labelled as Vera napkins but the size seemed off to me so I took a chance and I was correct!

More guest towels ~ I love guest towels!  I have plans to find the right sized basket and put them in my front bathroom when we have guests.  Day in day out I don't put them in there because my boys would ruin them, but I do always have one hanging in my little bathroom.  With cold and flu season coming up I think they are a really great idea.  All but the His and Hers were found recently in a bundle for $1; the His and Hers were thrifted a couple of years ago.

A lovely leaf dish for our fall display!

Six dessert/salad plates from my favorite Mikasa Stoneware line, Natural Beauty.  There are several patterns within the line and I didn't have any of this one, which is Petit Fleur.  These are tucked away and I will bring them out in the spring/summer.

I had a terrible time getting a good shot of this pretty tin bowl.  I love the butterflies!  It was made in England!  Most tinware I find is made in China (but I did find a tray made in the USA ~ I'll post that one with the newer finds).

And finally, a Pyrex cheese server.  When the clerk wrapped this for me he made a big deal about how he had to tell me that it was very thin, fragile glass.  It cleaned up really well and I am looking forward to using it to serve cheese very soon.


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