Grade 5/6, Fall Term, Week 2, Day 1

Academics: Assigned Reading, Literature, Grammar, Math, Spelling, Free Reading, History, Health

We are falling into rhythm very easily this school year.  It is still difficult for me to get myself up at 7 a.m. each morning, but not as difficult as it was two weeks ago.  Papa is getting up with me, which means I can make the bed while he takes a shower.  Then we wake the boys and eat breakfast together.  I'm not even as grumpy as I was at first (mornings have never been my best time of the day).

So, if you didn't deduce it from last week's blog posts, we were away for a long weekend.  We did abbreviated lesson work Thursday morning and headed to the coast; Papa and I actually left the boys with their grandparents and had an anniversary weekend away.  I am so thankful for grandparents who think that parents getting away is a great idea and who are more than willing to spend a weekend doing education activities with the boys.  Not only did they visit the coast and ocean, go on a long nature hike, and tour Mission San Juan Capistrano, they also went to Medieval Times for a dinner jousting show and they took a private tour of the local landfill.  That is the equivalent of five field trips right there!

There was still time left over for reading, singing, cooking, swimming, and more.  Clearly my in-laws are super grandparents!


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