I've Been Remiss

Part of me really wants to blog, and I can't claim that I don't have time when I spend so much time perusing other homeschooling/Waldorf/crafty blogs. Part of me isn't sure what to say and/or doesn't like where/how I am saying it. Clear as mud?

I love beautiful blogs, blogs with custom headers, lovely photographs, etc. I know these things aren't out of my reach and at the same time I know that *right now* I am not the kind of person who takes the time to do these things. I rarely remember to take photographs when we are in the middle of something, probably because we are in the middle of something! Faced with an hour and a burst of creativity I am probably sewing, crocheting, knitting, or pursuing some other fiber-related craft rather than researching how to pretty up my blog.

I am a percolator. Seriously, a friend taught me the basics of knitting and crochet 13 years ago, and after an hour I decided to pursue crochet. I bought knitting needles and yarn in 2002 and put them away, then bought more needles and yarn in 2005 and still didn't start knitting. I finally taught myself in 2007, right after my grandfather died (and of course I bought more yarn, although I finally used the lovely Brittany Birch needles from 2002).

So these days I joke that I must buy the supplies for any craft several years before I actually learn it. Don't believe me? I bought the book Doodle Stitching and a good stash of embroidery floss in 2007 and did nothing more than make a needle book until earlier this month when I started winding my floss into bobbins. In the meantime I had purchased a huge lot of vintage floss as well as an embroidery kit, scissors, and transfers.

Fabric and sewing? Don't get me started. I bought a machine 11 years ago, made baby wipes and fabric books 10 years ago, and then didn't really sew for 7 years, although I continued to buy fabric, notions, and yes, vintage sewing machines.

These are all things that I want to do and that I enjoy doing. The desire comes, I gather what I need (often used, given to me, or thrifted), I read books, and then I wait. Inspiration and time will come, not always when expected. The knitting? It was a clear response to grief. I ended up setting it down later that year when my mother died, unable to face the comfort shawl that I hadn't had time or the heart to finish once she was in the hospital. A visit from my grandmother is what inspired me to pick it up again. She doesn't knit so that isn't why; I think I just realized that I needed frog the project, discard the yarn, and start on something new.

I think I got off track there, which is probably why I find it so hard to blog regularly and post photos, lol.


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