And He's Knitting ...

Proof that waiting can work and that skills are so much easier to learn when the child is ready. I have introduced knitting twice before with frustrating results. Today T-Guy was bored, I suggested knitting, and he was making stitches on his own within 5 minutes! Not only are his fingers better able to move in a coordinated fashion, his brain understands the sequence and can repeat it reliably.

The verse, as best I could remember it:

In the front door, out through the back
Run right round and grab your sack
Back through the front door
and off jumps Jack.


Tan Family said…
I love your blog! I'm going to start following it. Congrats on getting the knitting down. It just takes time. :) --Jennifer
Thanks so much. Already his knitting looks much better! And J-Baby, who "learned" months ago but had no real interest, decided to knit a little scarf for his bear.

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