Learning Log Week of 5/31 - 6/6/09

Sunday:  We drove to Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen to see the traveling "Journey of a Pioneer Family" exhibit on loan from Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum.  I walked through with T-Guy and we both enjoyed it.  Outside he had a chance to churn butter, use a feather quill pen, play with period toys, and more.  J-Baby tried his hand at washing clothes on a wash board and putting them through a ringer.

Monday:  We had a quiet day, but the boys did practice their penmanship.  The also played several games, including Star Wars Monopoly.  There was KEVA plank play, basketball, and practicing baseball with Papa.

Tuesday:  More penmanship practice.  Mountain biking for T-Guy (J-Baby is nursing a back injury).  Basketball.  Walked.

Wednesday:  Silent reading.  Practiced baseball skills with Papa.  Nice long evening walk with the dogs.

Thursday:  Story of the World 3.  We went to the library and comic book store; both boys have new reading material.  Watching game 1 of the NBA finals was an opportunity to go over basketball strategy and rules as well as cheer on the Lakers!  Walked.

Friday:  The boys practiced throwing and catching a baseball.  We walked 3 miles (to and from the park).  Discussed money and value with J-Baby before allowing him to place an order for a toy he wants.

Saturday:  T-Guy and Papa worked on new guitar chords as well as singing on pitch.  More Story of the World 3.  We attended a train convention.  Math practice on a Didj (geometry).


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