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We're a little behind on our second block. I did some planning for the next four weeks, and thought I'd share it here. As I posted before, my boys are in desperate need of more rhythm and focused learning while we are in the midst of trying to find some sort of normal after the death of my grandfather and now having my grandmother as a house guest.

We've already completed the trickster tale portion of this block cycle, although I may sneak few in here and there. I'll also try to pull one or two Western European fairy tales in. We're working grade 1 and grade 2 (the boys are 7 and 8).

Other things we're planning to weave into the block: making shortbread and bannock, working with fleece/wool, and seasonal crafts. We're spending a lot of time outdoors, and we are exploring the idea of joining our local Sierra Club chapter.

Humanities: The Sage Story Process – John Muir

Language Arts Skills: Revisiting, Summarization, Writing Sentences

4/23 Tell John Muir Ch. 1
4/25 Revisit Ch. 1, Draw from story, Write sentence, Tell Ch. 2
4/27 Revisit Ch. 2, Draw from story, Write sentence, Tell Ch. 3
4/30 Revisit Ch. 3, Draw from story, Write sentence, Tell Ch. 4
5/4 Revisit Ch. 4, Draw from story, Write sentence

Practice: Word Journals, Number Verses, Math Games, Reading

Mathematics: Fact Families

5/7 Tell Grandfather’s Family
5/9 Revisit Grandfather’s Family; Draw from story; manipulative play
5/11 Write Fact Families verse; manipulative play
5/14 Continue Fact Families manipulative play
5/16 Introduce Fact Families in written form
5/18 Fact Families worksheets

Practice: Word Journals, Word Families, Reading, Word Games

Seasonal Crafts/Projects:

Nest building project, bird feeder project, bird bath project, planting a butterfly garden.


4/24 Hand Gestures, Creating in the Shared Space of Two Hands
5/1 Hand Gestures, Elongating
5/8 The Human Form
5/15 Animals in Small Format


4/25 Tell Brush Tail
5/9 Paint Brush Tail
5/16 Free Painting

Handwork: Child’s Choice


4/26 Sonrisas Lesson 2 ~ Los Colores
5/3 Sonrisas Lesson 3 ~ Los Numeros
5/10 Sonrisas Lesson 4 ~ Mi Cuerpo
5/17 Sonrisas Lesson 5 ~ Grande y Chiquito

Nature Stories:

4/27 Pretty Poison
5/4 A Call in the Night
5/11 Sun Bathers
5/18 Camping Out


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