Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Small Battles

My Method hand soap ran out today.

Technically, it has been on its last bubbles for at least a week, but I was eeking out every tiny bit I could. There isn't a drop of liquid to be found in the bottle.

Thus begins the battle for my soul.

Okay, that's probably too dramatic. It's soap, and my life won't end if I don't have pink hibiscus foaming soap in my little bathroom.

But this foaming dispenser still works. I know this because in 2012 I bought my first container of pink hibiscus foaming soap, and when it ran out I refilled it with soap I made at home, and I kept doing that until the dispenser decided to stop dispensing earlier this year. That was when I purchased the current happy-making container of pink hibiscus foaming soap.

That pink soap sparked some major joy for me, it being such a pretty pink. Princess-y, even.

I have to refill this container. I know it is the right thing to do, both for the earth and for my bank account. It might seem like $3 won't break me (it won't, today), but $3 decisions everyday add up to $1095 a year. Plus, if I don't refill this dispenser it will end up in the recycling bin, which may or may not mean it will be recycled. Cities and recycling companies don't have to be transparent about that. It's better to assume that plastic won't be recycled and to reduce our consumption of it.

And so, in the middle of writing this post I stood up, gathered together liquid castile soap, liquid glycerin, sweet almond oil, and essential oil, and I added them to the bottle along with some filtered water. I gave it a good shake. Finally, I added 1 drop of red food coloring, and now I have light red foaming hand soap that smells like sandalwood. Not pink, not hibiscus, but it works.

Truth be told, when this container gives out, I will go back to bar soap. I can't send any more unnecessary plastic containers to the landfill. It's not worth my soul.

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